Pack of 2 Copper Slug and Snail Tapes


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Stops slugs and snails in their tracks
Two rolls of two meters
Deters but does not kill
Can be used all year round


This Copper Slug Tape will help deter slugs and snails from eating away at your plants but will not kill them, helping you to care for both your flowers and the natural wildlife of your garden. Slugs and snails will avoid copper due to the static electric charge, making this tape the perfect barrier for your pots, planters, and flower beds. This tape is made with a self-adhesive back, making it super easy to line around your plants, while the two rolls of two-metre tape are sure to be enough for your whole garden.


Length: 4m (of tape. 2 x 2m rolls)

Time Period: January – December

Material: Copper

Package Size: 14cm x 10cm x 4.5cm

Weight: 100g


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