Copic ciao 12 Piece Skin Tone Set – Skin tones Stationery


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Fast drying and don’t smear
Perfect for layouts and sketches
Fast drying and don’t smear-toxicPerfect for layouts and sketches

InformationCopic Ciao is an inexpensive marker for beginners students and hobby artists. Equipped with a medium broad nib for large dimensions and a super brush nib for detail it can be used for any coloring purpose. The colors can be mixed on the surface or layered on top of each other. Ciao markers are alcohol-based and therefore non-toxic. They are fast drying and don’t smear. The colored caps enable fast and accurate color identification. Perfect for layouts and sketches. Suitable for coloring on photocopies or print-outs. This set contains the following colors: B00 B24 B29 E00 E21 E29 E37 C3 100 YG03 YG06 YG11 G00 G05 G17 BG01 BG09 BG23 R20 R29 R32 YR02 YR07 YR20 Y00 Y06 Y17 BV00 BV02 BV08 V04 V09 V12 RV02 RV04 RV10.


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